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The title is self-explanatory.


vera-spooky replied to your photo “¦and some doctors tell me that most of their patients lack…”

What book is this if I might ask?

"Risk Savvy: How to Make Good Decisions" by Gerd Gigerenzer. I found it in the new books section of my college’s library. Seemed interesting and useful. And so far, it is!

Oct 20th (+3)

Post-it in the newspaper office, affixed to the logo on the wall.

Oct 20th (+9)

"…and some doctors tell me that most of their patients lack intelligence, making it pointless to disclose health information that might be misunderstood in the first place." Not really shocking, to be honest.

Oct 20th (+15)


I have a physics midterm at 9:30 tom- I mean this morning. Less than 8 hours at the time of this posting.

… But I’m not done with my cheat sheet. So I cannot sleep until then. Also, I suck at relative motion. Whether it’s calculus or physics I just can never seem to completely get it. So of course I need to study that more, because I’m 90% sure that’s on the exam. Besides, I’m about 85% sure that being able to do relative motion problems will become really important later on in my physics minor courses.

I’m definitely not going to get a perfect night’s sleep. I guess the question is, how should I go about sleep in this situation? On one hand, an all-nighter would give me energy… If I can survive that long. But it’s hit or miss. On the other, I could always just make sure I get a few full sleep cycles. As long as I don’t get woken up in the middle of a sleep cycle I should be okay.

In other news,  I’ve been really sick lately. So normally I just have my unknown possibly neuro/endo chronic illness + the mental health issues associated with that. But I was slammed with a virus last week which has really messed me up. I think I need to drop calculus and religion, which is really hard to swallow. For the past several weeks I’ve been dealing with the ups and really far downs of medication changes. Having the virus on top of that just completely incapacitated me. I just feel hopelessly behind.

Of course, that prospect has successfully depressed me, lately.

I like to think of myself as an intelligent person with the potential for great success. I know a lot of people see that in me. My female friends actually refer to me as, “genius” sometimes. (Which, in terms of trying to foster a growth mindset, isn’t helping, let’s be honest. Though I’m flattered.) When I have to do things like this because of my health I start to feel phony. Having to explain things (not fully, but to some degree) when people ask me why I’m not in their classes anymore or something of that nature is awful. People usually feel sorry for me, but I also question if people take that as an excuse.

In a way, I feel like it’s just an excuse, even though it’s not. I wouldn’t wish my condition on anyone. I so truly enjoy school and learning, so why would I want to sabotage myself? I wouldn’t. And I don’t. I do feel a lot of pressure, though, and I’m sure that doesn’t help. Because people know I can perform at a high level, they always think highly of an expect high quality of me. When I can’t, even for as legitimate a reason as being chronically ill, it only puts more pressure on me to compensate.

I have to drop calculus and religion. Simple as that. It’s not a cop out. I’m just trying to make the right choice for my overall health, which includes mental. I’ve long accepted that, with this illness, it will probably take me longer to get through school than normal. That, although I’m not giving up on it, it’s possible I might not be able to go to medical school with this condition. Not just because of my Ws, but because my body might not physically be able to handle the grueling, long hours of MS3 and MS4. I’m okay with that. I would have no problem with being an engineer or a chemist. I wouldn’t perceive myself as less intelligent or capable as a result, either. There are just things in my life that are, to an extent, out of my control.

That was sufficient distraction. Back to work.

Oct 20th (+23)

Long hair… But I do care.

Oct 20th (+36)

Throwing on a suit and tie doesn’t make you professional. Acting like a professional makes you professional.


Oct 19th (+20)

Just proved Einstein’s theory of the entropic academic. That’s what he meant, right?

Oct 18th (+22)

Accidentally brought this old Handbook of Chemistry and Physics from 1947 back with me to school. I wonder how accurate (or not) it is. It was my grandfather’s when he was in engineering school at SU way back. Wow.

Oct 18th (+21)

Sick. As. Hell.


Oct 17th (+2)
Anonymous: Hi Melissa. I was just wondering where you purchased the stand for your textbook in the Oct 13th 'Ready to study' picture. I would love to get one, it would sure come in handy. Thanks. :)

On Amazon here!

Oct 14th (+5)
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juda357: Tell me about urself plz. I haven't met a girl that loves science to. So make my day.

Make your day? Really? You’re not suggesting to me that it would make your day if I told you about myself, but you’re telling me to just do it because you demanded.

I don’t take orders.

I have a blog with just under 10,000 posts. I think you can figure it out.

Oct 14th (+11)
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Korn and Skrillex… Interesting combination, for sure.

Oct 13th (+5)
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Ready to study. 👌

Oct 13th (+128)
Anonymous: Yes please! It basically just I’m studying neuroscience, and from Scotland where undergrad degrees are specialised from the start, rather than taking a variety of courses and choosing a major later, and for my degree take biochemistry/ cell and molecular bio/ comparative phys/ neuromodulation/neurotransmission/neurodegeneration and psych modules.

I don’t know the specifics too well on how it is in Scotland, but if you’re not really enjoying psychology then go for the more neuro, biochem, and physio kind of routes. If you have that much of a disdain for psychology (as I understood, at least, when I read your question) then I doubt it will get better. In a situation like that I would personally try to focus on not finding the “perfect” career but something I am good at and wouldn’t mind doing for the rest of my life. Even when you have the choice it can be hard to find the “perfect” career. So I would suggest loosely following your interests and strengths, and then see where it takes you.

If anyone else wants to comment, please do. I feel like I’m not really helping.

Oct 13th (+2)
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Anonymous: What's your organisation scheme for notes?

Well here’s what I do for book notes:



With each indent I make the font size smaller by one (so if the subtitle is size 12, the next indent is 11, 10…). I think this just makes it easier to read, personally. I underline important words. I don’t always define them (I did here) but they will always be underlined. The reason I always make the first bullet the subsection with book notes is so I can find more information more easily if I need to. I’ll know exactly where to look!

For class notes:



I have a Cornell notebook for each class. I write my notes during class on a legal pad and then rework them into my notebooks later. If I have ample time to do that I will usually do some research while copying my notes down to add more details and fill in any gaps. While in class I don’t have a particularly specific method of getting things down. I just write down whatever I think is important, especially if it’s something verbal that’s not written on the board. Chances are, if it’s written on the board, someone else wrote it down, so I could get anything I missed from someone else. When I compare my notes to others my notes are always much more detailed because I write as much as I can down. Sometimes professors go on a long tirade about something important and I don’t see any inkling of it in the notes of others because it wasn’t written out for them. (One reason I hate it when I have to borrow notes because I missed a class.)

I also use a lot of colors. I don’t have a specific method to using colors. Basically I like to separate trains of thought by using different colors. I might create a different coloring scheme if I have a specific class that requires it, but science and math lectures are, to some extent, unpredictable so I would be wasting my time trying to flesh out something specific. I of course also use them to draw diagrams.

I have some yet-to-be-diagnosed condition that’s making my dominant arm weaker, so my handwriting is pretty bad, considering. So I’m going to start typing as much as reasonably possible for certain classes so I can get everything I want down (and be able to actually read it later). I don’t plan on those typed notes to have any particular structure. I’ll just type as I go, without bullets, likely, and just indent if I feel the need. Then organize it later into my Cornell notebooks. My handwriting is definitely neater if I have the time to write. I mostly just want to write them at some point so I can remember them more easily. (Though it’s also out of necessity—if I wait then I may not be able to interpret them later.)

Oct 13th (+105)