• Anonymous asked : you might want to get your thyroid checked. I'm autoimmune hypothyroid and that has caused / still causes neuro symptoms. I also just read an article about thiamine deficiency causing neuro issues, which is unrelated to thyroid stuff but could arise after a long time eating only ~1300 cal. (sorry for unsolicited advice! I hope you figure this out soon, it sounds rough)

    Hmm, that’s interesting. Back when I was 14 I went to an endocrinologist to rule out endocrine problems. I didn’t have any then (which was good after they ended up finding my pituitary adenoma. But, of course, it’s possible that I have them now. *shrug* I have to get blood lithium levels anyway since my levels were low today (even though I’ve been really good with taking my medications… and on time). Maybe it was the Vyvanse. But I’ll be sure to ask about that when I have to get them again. Also, you make a good point about the potential low thiamine levels. I’ve been focusing on the low calories as opposed to the specific nutrition. Seems plausible.

    Unsolicited advice is fine! You’re trying to be helpful, and that’s much appreciated. Of course I know online advice is not the same as medical advice. But in a way having ideas of what condition it could be makes me at least hopeful that, if we figure out what it is, that we can fix it.

  • Like, I don’t even know what the fuck to do with myself right now. Usually going on the internet is leisurely. I don’t even feel like I have the mental energy for that right now.

    I guess I’ll try to eat a bunch of food. My weight seems to be the same as it’s been for… months and months and months. So in a way I feel like low appetite (which is normal for me anyway) isn’t the cause of my symptoms. I’ve been fine before. But. I’m going to try to eat more food. I don’t count calories, but I estimate that I’ve been eating maybe 1,300 calories a day. Maybe I’m overestimating. Or underestimating. Idk. I have never lost weight from eating as little as I do right now. And like I said, I don’t count calories, so when I’m going about my day I don’t even realize that I didn’t eat too much. Only when I reflect on what I ate or if my dad keeps asking me what I want to eat (with the answer usually being, “nothing right now”).

    I guess it’s a good thing I haven’t been working out, then?


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  • I’m concerned.

    About my neurological health.

    I did just start a new medication the other day, but I don’t think the issues I’ve been having started with it. Perhaps it could have made them more progress or I have just been hypervigilant to something I didn’t really notice before.

    Since February I’ve been conveniently labeling my symptoms as “vertigo”. My mom has really really bad viral vertigo, so it wouldn’t be all that surprising if I have it as well. But, I mean, that’s not a diagnosis. Just a convenient, short term for a list of symptoms. I’m not a trained medical professional (yet) so obviously I could be way off. So perhaps I’ve overlooked the bigger picture. I mean, it’s not like my primary care physician I saw a month ago looked into it, really.

    Dizziness, a slightly off-balance feeling, light-headedness, blurred vision/nystagmus(?). If medicine were as simple as checking some boxes off a symptom list I would definitely have vertigo. Maybe I do. Who knows. I’ve at least felt like I might have it since February.

    While all those things are worthy of concern, I would say that’s the least of them. Normally my brain runs, well, quite fast. I have a quick processing speed. I usually don’t have problems with short-term memory. At least not more than the average person. Recently, though, not so much. Even trying to write this… My brain is just running so slowly. I’ve never been drunk, but I feel like this might be the feeling I would have. Normally I still have a tendency to get distracted sometimes, but it seems more prevalent. Not to mention, at the same time, I keep having mental lapses/pauses and I completely forget what’s going on for a second. And then I’m left trying to remember what I was thinking about.

    Even trying to write this I feel like I can’t even write it well, or I can’t edit it either because I forget the intention of the paragraph while reading it or… Something. I forgot what I was going to say. *many facepalms*

    I also have been having issues with my eyes. I’m having trouble tracking objects. Maybe I’m analyzing it too much, but I feel like when I look around or track something I get frame by frame images. Still a speed of many frames per second, I guess, but noticeable enough for me to perceive it as “frames” rather than smooth image transitions. I’ve also have very brief bouts of blurred vision, or so I think. Perhaps it’s just that I lose focus on what I was looking at. I don’t know.

    I recently got some glasses, as you may have noticed. The prescription is very slight and I can still see 20/10. They make it slightly clearer, though, so the point of the glasses was to see if my vision symptoms are a result of eye strain. I’ve only been feeling eye strain for a few weeks, though. And significantly earlier than I would before. Apparently I have astigmatism a little bit. Meh. I’ve also been feeling as though I have saccades. I imagine it’s hard to see it with your own shifty eyes. I hardly ever have someone to check for me when it’s happening, though. So if it’s not saccades then I at least have a sensation that gives me the perception of them. I feel like, if they are saccades, maybe it has to do with a muscle control issue of the eye. Either way, that would be neurological.


    In a way, I don’t want these symptoms to be a side effect of my medication because, well, I keep having to switch medications and that’s getting old. But in a way I also kind of hope these symptoms are a result of the medication change. Because at least we would know how to fix the problem.

    Omg I’m getting so frustrated. I have no idea how my current processing speed compares, but I feel like I’m functioning at least 40 IQ points lower. Which would be “normal”, I guess. My working memory is actually rated as “average”. Even though I know that’s not “retarded” or anything of significant concern, I still feel like I am. I’m not trying to be condescending, but the other aspects of my IQ are rated “superior” or “very superior”. So maybe you can see how significant of a weakness it is for me.

    I’ve had to pause so many times while writing this, so I apologize if that’s not politically correct. And that it’s long. And probably not written that well.


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  • Anonymous asked : What do you plan on doing with your degree?


    Aside from allowing me to advance to even higher education, my bachelor’s degree is just a stepping stone. I’m not going to be on the job search when I graduate. I will either be getting paperwork done to enter a chemical engineering MS program I will already be accepted to or I will be taking a gap year to do more shadowing, volunteering, etc. (if I remain a biochemistry major). I mean, I suppose with option number 2 I could use my degree to get a temporary job. But in the grand scheme of things that job will be arbitrary. You know, a job not a career.

    I intend on completing an MD/PhD dual degree program 13+ years from now. I’m pretty certain that I will do research. There are plenty of areas I could go into with a PhD in chemical engineering, such as pharmacology and tissue engineering. I think I would be aiming toward a neuro, endo, or psych specialty. But pathology seems like it could happen.

    It’s all very far away so I can’t say for sure, obviously. But. Yeah.

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  • Anonymous asked : I really love biology and chemistry. Would biochem be the major for me?

    That was literally the exact reasoning I had for choosing a biochemistry major when I was in high school. Some people thought it was a little silly, but it’s not if you think about it haha. The best part is, if you decide that you don’t like one half of the degree you can switch to just biology or just chemistry. So I’d say go for it. After your first year or so you will know if you have a preference for one over the other (or not!).

    At least at my college, the biochemistry degree is very flexible. You do have to take a lot of chemistry (so be prepared for that!) but you should have a good number of free bio or chem electives to gear your learning towards one or the other (or both). I personally have found that I like chemistry a lot more than biology, but I’m not giving up on biology. I like chemistry in a biological setting, so biochem is definitely good for me. So most of my electives will be chemistry, but I still plan on taking physiology-based courses like Toxiciology, Neurology, Endocrinology, and A&P.

    So like I said earlier, biochemistry should be good for you because it provides a lot of flexibility. So even if you find it’s not for you, you will still have no problem switching your major because you’ll be prepared for both biology and chemistry majors.

    I feel like that was more wordy than it needed to be. But yeah. Haha.

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  • These leggings look really cool. But it has caffeine molecules on it. Why is that a problem? Because I can’t consume caffeine.

    Also, caffeine molecule clothing/other stuff is super commo-


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  • Meh.

    I feel like a lot of science-themed clothing/accessories for women look hipster-y. When guys wear a periodic table tie or bowtie it looks whimsical, but fine. Or cufflinks, which are elegant… and you can barely see them anyway. I like some of the (sold out) science-y designs I’ve seen for leggings. But I imagine making a collection out of them. And it just seems hipster-y. Especially if I end up deciding to wear my glasses to class on a regular basis.


    Molecule jewelry is fine. But it’s sooo expensive.

    I-I just want to make people think science is cool, okay. Because it is cool. I feel cool when I wear my “In The Lab I Tare It Up” shirt. You know.

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  • Anonymous asked : Out of curiosity, do you know your Myers-Briggs personality type? I know the idea of boxing people into 16 convenient little categories is flawed, but humor me?

    I did not. But those little quizzes can be fun. So I did a free one.


    Have original minds and great drive for implementing their ideas and achieving their goals. Quickly see patterns in external events and develop long-range explanatory perspectives. When committed, organize a job and carry it through. Skeptical and independent, have high standards of competence and performance – for themselves and others.

    • You have distinct preference of Introversion over Extraversion (67%)
    • You have distinct preference of Intuition over Sensing (75%)
    • You have strong preference of Thinking over Feeling (88%)
    • You have distinct preference of Judging over Perceiving (67%)

    I’m pretty surprised that I only scored “distinct” preference of introversion over extraversion. I would think it ought to be more. *shrug* These tests aren’t the end all, though, of course.

    If anyone else feels like taking the little test I used this one. And I got the description from here.

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  • Black Milk Periodic Table Leggings

    I need them.

    I can’t find them.


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  • philosonista:

Happy birthday, Melissa//Hexaneandheels!!!
Both I and a piece of paper got dressed up for the occasion.

Ahhhhh! I didn’t see this before, thank you!!!
I like the lipstick haha.
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  • Anonymous asked : ILOVEYOUANDYOURBLOG

    Aw, thank you!

  • Anonymous asked : none of the links to your studying master post are working :( it looks really useful!

    I’m guessing you’re looking at an old post with old links? If you go here all the correct links are there.

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  • Birthday eve outfit. I had my pointy toe black heels on, too. Didn’t feel like putting my shoes back on haha.
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  • Birthday dinner with my mom and sister at Red Lobster. We had a mussel appetizer, too. Mmmm. Then my mom did the little embarrassing birthday shit. 👏🎉🎈😑 Ruined it. I think she does it on purpose because she knows we hate it. Ugh.
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  • withinthisgarden asked : Oooh, where did you get the book stand? And is it good with heavier textbooks? I always feel like I'm hunched over my books because of glare from the shiny pages. Also, nice to see a fellow color-coding note-taker!

    I bought it on Amazon here! I bought the biggest one they have, but there are other sizes. They also have versions with stands you can perch atop the main stand if you want more books there. I personally think that’s a big overkill (I’d rather have two separate stands) but it’s a cool idea.

    It is good with heavy textbooks! That’s one of the primary reasons I bought it! Before I had a foldable plastic stand that did technically hold my big textbooks but the little plastic arms couldn’t hold the pages down… Because they snapped when I tried. I was being gentle, too! That plastic one is here. It’s portable which is nice, but I only use it for my iPad, notebooks, or pieces of paper.

    I think my color-coding has gotten better but I’m still trying to find a good system. :p

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