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These kale/spinach chips are the bomb.

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Amino Acids by Structure Quiz

Also see…

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Bleeeehhhh so tired.

But I need to study a little bit more for biochem. First test is tomorrow morning.

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It’s a dark hot cocoa in the beaker mug kinda night.

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The Chinese Periodic Table: 元素週期表 (Part 1)

In a language like Chinese that doesn’t use an alphabet-based language, naming the elements was not a trivial matter. When chemistry began to flourish in China in the early 1900’s, chemists got together to give each element a systematic name to prevent any ambiguities in communication. 

Their first step in naming was to group the elements into four groups based on their physical properties at STP, with each to be represented by a common motif (what we call a 部首/"radical"):

  1. 气 (“gas”): Gaseous elements like hydrogen, oxygen, and xenon.
  2. 釒/钅 (“gold”): Metallic elements like sodium, copper, and lead (with the exception of mercury).
  3. 石 (“stone”): Solid nonmetals and metalloids like carbon, silicon, and iodine.
  4. 水/氵(“water”): The two liquid elements mercury and bromine.

After grouping the elements into these four groups, the characters were constructed based on three different methods: native characters, property-based, and pronunciation-based, .

Native characters are used for those elements already known to the ancients, either in pure or mineral form. These characters include gold (金, jīn, gold), carbon (碳, tàn, charcoal), mercury (汞, gǒng), and boron (硼, péng, from 硼砂/borax) among others.

Property-based characters include those for bromine, nitrogen, chlorine, and oxygen. These characters are constructed by adding on a different character to the radicals as mentioned above. For example:

  • Bromine, known for its awful stench, is composed of the radical portion 氵 and the character 臭 (chòu; ancient pronunciation xiù) meaning “stinky” to create the character 溴 (xiù)
  • Oxygen, the gas that the vast majority of living beings need to live, is composed of the radical 气 and the character 羊, which is an abbreviated form of 養 (yǎng) meaning “to nourish/raise”, to create the character 氧 (yǎng).
  • Nitrogen, the primary component of our atmosphere, is composed of 气 and 炎, abbreviated from 淡 (dàn) meaning “dilute”, to create the character 氮 (dàn). (Nitrogen “dilutes” the breathable oxygen in the air.)

Pronunciation-based characters are constructed by adding on a character to the radical that is suggestive of its pronunciation in European languages. The vast majority of the elements, and any new elements that are discovered, are named using this method. For example:

  • 砷 (shēn): arsenic
  • 碘 (diǎn): iodine
  • 鋁 (): aluminum
  • 鈉 (): sodium (Latin: natrium)
  • 鎢 (): tungsten (originally named wolfram)

But, as always, nomenclature will always have strange exceptions and variations, and this is no different. The characters in the image shown above are the standard for Taiwan; in a later post, we’ll talk about the standard for Mainland China and Hong Kong/Macau, and the different ways they differ.

Oh hey, this is going around again. 

Part 2 of this series is here! :D

This is so interesting.

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People are freaking out about how the water isn’t working in the dorm right now.

They sent out an email a week ago saying it wouldn’t work at certain times today.


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Laundry tag I made last week. Aw yeah.

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Chemists modify antibiotic to vanquish resistant bacteria


Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute have devised a new
antibiotic based on vancomycin that is powerfully effective against
vancomycin-resistant strains of MRSA and other disease-causing bacteria.
The new vancomycin analog appears to have not one but two distinct


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I went to TJMaxx to get a FM/Bluetooth transmitter for my Prius. Found riding boots (I’ve been looking for awhile) and some really comfy Michael Kors wedge booties. My feet will now brave the fall and winter in style.

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marinalikesbutts replied to your post “My friend wants to go to TJMaxx. I wanted to go, too, so I offered to…”

this happened when my bf had a car and his friends didnt. allll the time, just lay down ground rules about availability and gas money so they dont over step :)

"My Prius runs primarily on electric unless it needs gas to kick in, but I’m gonna need you to pay for the free energy I obtained from braking and coasting to that place you wanted to go."

Hahaha. But yeah, I’ll be sure to do that. Good suggestion.

Sep 21st (+2)

My friend wants to go to TJMaxx. I wanted to go, too, so I offered to drive her when I go. I said I wanted to go early today so I don’t disturb my studying for later and get distracted. Then I get texts saying how she’s studying right now and wants to go there when her friend is working so she can bug him (i.e., she wants to go flirt with a guy she has a crush on that [I think] she knows is gay).

Are you kidding me.

When someone offers you a ride somewhere you take what they give you or you don’t go at all. It’s one thing if the person offering asks when you want to go and is okay with it. I would only ask my friends to drive me somewhere if I need to pick up my medication (not frivolous) and I take what I can get. But I told her I’m not cool with waiting until later and she argues with me about it.

Maybe I shouldn’t have told my friends I got a car.

Whatever. I’m going now, so she can find a ride some other time, I guess. I’m not in the mood for taking anyone’s shit today.

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Anonymous: I have a lot of trouble reading both in paying attention and comprehension. And it really makes studying hard ;_; do you have any advice for how to deal with this?

Well, my first thought would be that maybe there’s an underlying cause of your focus issues, and if you found a way to fix/improve that then the rest would be a little easier. Are you sleeping regularly and enough? Are you eating well?

But I think it comes down to working memory. Working memory is my weakness and I know that sometimes I start to forget what I just read because I’m distracted by what I’m currently reading. Working memory is something you can practice and work to improve, though. You can try this website. Dual n-back is helpful.

Also, if you’re just generally unfocused that is not going to help. Mediation can help with that. If nothing helps at all, though, you may consider looking into something like ADHD.

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i dont trust people who are attracted to me…like why? write me a 10 page paper with a legitimate thesis and valid points backing up your claim or you fake.

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silver-rush: Hey! I'm in my first year of biochemistry, and I also have to memorize the structures the 20 amino acids. Any tips?x

Yes! First of all, just to get you introduced to them, start out by watching the video 20 Amino Acids in 20 Minutes. It’s a great video with some shortcuts that should help you remember them. Watch it once or twice and take notes. Then, have a friend give you a preliminary quiz OR put the names of the amino acids into random.org and test yourself. This quiz will seem too preliminary and maybe slightly impossible, but not getting it all right is a valuable part of the learning process. From there, draw out the structures properly, as shown in your textbook. Organize them by whether they’re nonpolar, polar, positive charged, and negative charged. Then keep practicing with your friends. Teach them, if you can. Whiteboards are great for this. Good luck!

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Well. About three hours ago I was studying with my guy friends in their suite for biochem. They studied with me for 20 minutes. Some guy came in with a morph suit on (those spandex full body suits) and of course they leave with that guy, all wearing their own morph suits. Yep.

Whatever. They said I could stay here. So I get a nice, comfy leather couch to chill on. I’m not complaining.

In order to practice the content for the exam, one must first memorize the structure of all 20 amino acids. If you don’t know them, you’re basically screwed, because the exam is pretty much just using the theory and your structure knowledge to answer questions.

Most of my friends have the exam Monday. I know some of them don’t know the structures yet. So I was trying to help them learn them. But. Yeah.


I just don’t want to see them crash and burn. But I can’t force them to study.

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