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Anonymous: Any advice for someone wanting to pursue biochem?

If you’re looking into biochemistry as a major my advice to you would be to not underestimate it. That can be easier said than done, in some cases. of course, but stay on your toes. The idea that “oh, there’s bio in it, that must mean it’s easy” is not true. In my opinion, the bio part is easy. You have to do work but it’s easy. The chemistry part is definitely not a cake walk. It takes work and lots of it. But it doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. The start of the semester is always easy, so don’t let yourself start to slack off because you will be paying for it as the semester progresses. Especially as you move on to newer, more difficult courses.

If you’re not willing to work really hard then I’d say biochemistry is not for you. Otherwise, have at it. It’s a very flexible major/degree.

Sep 01st (+1)
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I think I went a little overboard on the washi tape.

Sep 01st (+20)

Nutritional yeast in the Easy Mac. I’m a genius.

Sep 01st (+17)

lazyriddler replied to your photo “My first Moleskine. I bought it to record my thoughts during my very…”

Those are pretty pricy. I feel like people buy moleskins just for the name.

I agree. I was actually going to buy a Poppin version of the notebook (which would have been like… $6) but there weren’t any plain paged ones in Staples.

Actually, yeah. Really kicking myself because online Poppin DOES have a $9 plain page version of that notebook in black… Wow. Too late to take it back. :/

Aug 31st (+0)
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Last week I was really pumped about my calculus professor. I thought that her teaching style, while not obvious, was subtly leading to something big. Just that there was some underlying genius reason for how roundabout she was being. Her Korean accent aside.

Now that I sit here, staring at my notes, wondering what the hell I’m going to do with them, I can’t understand how I possibly could have come to that conclusion.

That is hypomania.

Good thing I’ve basically taken all of calc I before or else I would be totally lost. My perfectionism is struggling with the idea that I somehow NEED to copy these essentially useless notes into my Cornell notebook.

I just. Uh. Uhh.

Damnit, I was really on a roll getting work done, too.

Aug 31st (+2)

Apparently I made a joke at dinner that made everyone’s day. The guys were dying of laughter.

I wonder what the joke was.

Aug 31st (+15)
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My first Moleskine. I bought it to record my thoughts during my very creative times. But. I feel like there are other things I could do with it. Now what. Also, they’re way more expensive than I expected.

Aug 31st (+28)

I’m actually pretty surprised I had all positive comments/reblogs on that alcohol post I wrote haha.

Aug 31st (+1)
Anonymous: You are 100% a gunner, no question about it.

Haha, well. I think it’s fair to say that there could be a question about it, since the impression I give online has the (unintentional) potential to be different than what it would be in person. *shrug*

According to philosonista, though, I am exactly the same in person as I appear online haha.

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Anonymous: When you're in class and taking notes, do you automatically write them into your notebook? or do you write them on loose leaf and then go back and re write them in the way you want?

Essentially the latter.

Freshman year I did write them directly into my notebook. But then again, the classes were easier (I already took most of them) and the pace was slower. Sophomore year is when I started using legal pads (inside a nice leather folio my dad gave me from work) to get notes down during class, then later copying/editing them to loose leaf. Now I do essentially the same thing but instead of putting them on loose leaf to go into a binder I put them in Cornell notebooks.

After all, carrying around 4 notebooks is definitely easier than lugging around 6” worth of binders.

I suppose I have no excuse to forget about taking pictures of my notes now that I have some fresh ones haha. I’ll get on that right now.

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If you didn’t know I’m straight edge, you do now. Don’t automatically take me as a hateful one, though. I mean, yes, when people are drunk and become disruptive to others, I complain. But that’s merely because it’s inconsiderate. Not because of my choice to abstain from alcohol (and other drugs). I personally think it’s a stupid choice that’s not worth it. But people have their own opinions that are just as valid as mine.

What I don’t understand, though… Is why anyone would want to do that to him/herself. There are certainly other ways to relax without becoming inebriated. And I’m not talking about being buzzed. I’m talking about being hammered. Sloppy. Trashed. Gone.

Obviously living in a dorm at college I experience people in this condition often enough. Whether it’s an off-the-handle out-of-control drunk, the puke-absolutely-everywhere drunk, the can’t-stop-crying-for-no-reason drunk, or the “okay, honey, we need to take a walk…” kind of drunk.

For many it’s a social crutch. And I understand that. I can’t rule out the idea that I could become more social if I were to get drunk (which I’ve never done and never want to do). But it’s an unhealthy way to get that result. People then begin to depend on alcohol in order to cool their nerves in social situations. You know the rest. 

It is a physical handicap. And it could become a mental affliction.

I just don’t think I’ll ever understand the desire to relinquish complete control over your inhibitions and other actions. And that’s my opinion. Maybe I’m just too much of a control freak. I’m certain this is not the first time you’ve ever heard this speech. But it still stands and I realize people will continue to do what they do best whether or not it’s actually sensible.

Aug 30th (+47)


In physics class.

You bring the beaker mug to class?! Haha. I always want to bring it to chem club meetings but I’m afraid I may break it.

Also, I have analytical chemistry lab before chem club. So. Let’s not open up the opportunity for it to be mistaken for a normal beaker…

Aug 30th (+71)

I tried to go to the Budda Market today. Ended up getting there 7 minutes after it closed so we checked out the farmer’s market (which technically closed at the same time) next door since vendors were still around. I bought a pretty big tub of sliced watermelon for $1. And while my dad was looking at plants this lady was asking me about where I go to school and whatnot. All of the sudden she hands me a eucalyptus plant and told me to put it in my room so it will smell nice. Didn’t expect that. It was really nice of her. Unfortunately, though, I don’t have a dish to collect draining water so I gave it to my dad to bring home for me. I would totally have found a spot for it, though.

Aug 30th (+4)

Bruegger’s this morning. Mmmm. The “Leonardo da Veggie”.

Aug 30th (+17)
Anonymous: So I just wanted to thank you for that schedule template! I printed a blank one, wrote my classes in in pen and highlighted off the time blocks, then slipped it in a report cover (those clear things with binder holes? Is that what they're called?) so I can use dry erase markers and schedule things in on a week by week basis. It looks/works great. THANK YOU!

Yeah, no problem! I’m glad you like it so much! :)

Aug 30th (+6)
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